Diploma Works


  • An implementation of a rational, reactive agent
    Mattias Engberg (MT), June 5th, 2003
  • Improving interaction in online communities through reputation
    Jacob Gyllenstierna (MT), June 8th, 2006
  • A Modular API for Intelligent Virtual Agents
    Daniel Franzen (MT), Jan 26th, 2007
  • An AI Engine for Behavioural Animation in a Real Time Interactive Installatio
    Carl-Johan Rosen (MT), May 2007
  • EMO - A Computational Emotional State Module. Emotions and their influence
    Jimmy Esbjörnsson (ACG), May 2007
  • Modelling Expectations and Trust in Virtual Agents
    Anja Johansson (MT), June 2007
  • J2ME Game Engine Development
    Mattias Wester (MT), March 2008
  • Skeletal Based Animation for Emotional Virtual Characters
    Ruman Zakaria (ACG), Nov 2008
  • Obstacle detection using stereo vision for unmanned ground vehicles
    Martin Olsson (MT), May 2009
  • Learning in Emotional Behavior Networks
    Oscar Djupfeldt (MT) and Jonathan Wahlström (MT), March 2010
  • Automatization equipments in an intelligent building
    Lubomir Krausko (exchange student), March 2011
  • Design and implementation of an AI framework based on BTs for behavioral synthesis
    Benny Karlsson (MT), June 2011
  • Datorstyrda motståndare i Sky Heroes - AI-system till ett flygactionspel
    Christian Alfons (MT) and Eirik Fredäng (MT), May 2012
  • Design and Implementation of an Appraisal Module for Virtual Characters
    Petter Grundström (MT), May 2012
  • Design of a computational model for morality and emotions in EmoBN
    Henry Fröcklin, 2014
  • Action Planning and Cooperation (APAC) between multiple AI-agents
    Henrik Gunnarsson och Rikard Gehlin, 2014