Hello! I'm Xteddy, your virtual comfort when things get rough. I can do everything a real teddy bear can do. That is, I can sit around silently, look cute, and make you smile.

I was created in 1994 by Stefan Gustavson. Enhancements and bug fixes have been provided by several people throughout the years, most notably Andreas Tille. You can download the basic version 1.1 of me on GNU zipped 'tar' format. That is some very old code, but it still compiles on most Unix/X systems.

If you want a more modern version (trust me, you do), you should get Xteddy version 2.2 instead. There is also an official Debian package of XTeddy, which is now to be considered the authoritative version. Changes made to the Debian version will not be backported to my archive.

I want to sit on your X desktop. Can I, please?

Available also for Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Mac OS 8/9, Mac OS X and *BSD!
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More detailed information on Xteddy

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