• DATS Workshop on Digital Air Traffic Services: Workload and Safety Assessment

    February 6-7, 2020
    Linköping University
    Campus Norrköping, Sweden

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Agenda 2020

If you have any dietary restrictions, please send an email to Tatiana or Christiane before the workshop!

Day 1

11:30 - Lunch at Visualization center (sponsored by SAAB SDATS)
13:00 - Welcome notes, round table, introduction
13:30 - Niclas Gustavsson, SDATS VP: Digital TWR 2030, [Slides]
14:00 - Billy Josefsson, LFV: Digital ATS and Human Performance, [Slides]
14:30 - Coffee break
14:45 - Tatiana Polishchuk and Christiane Schmidt, LiU: Workload Evaluation at Traditional and Remote Towers, [Slides]
15:15 - Valentin Polishchuk, LiU: Identifying Interesting Moments in Controllers Work Video via Dimensionality Reduction, [Slides]
15:30 - Coffee break
15:45 - Martin Steinheimer, Austrocontrol: Air traffic complexity and weather, [Slides]
16:15 - Anders Johannesson, Sjöfartsverket: Did we really? – An Introduction to Basic VTS and Remote Towers, [Slides]
17:15 - Finish for today
18:30 - Dinner at Enoteket (own cost); if you would like to walk there together through the industry landscape, we will leave from Skvallertorget at 18:15.

(Most of us will stay at enoteket for the evening, however, the Norrköping symphony orchestra has a concert (Schubert and Bruckner) that evening just 500 m from the restaurant. If you would like to go there, it starts at 19:00 and tickets are available here.)

Day 2

09:00 - Keynote Dr. Nathan Vink, Human Performance Lead, Austro Control GmbH: When the Subjective measure is no longer enough: tales of Automation and searching for objective workload measures, [Slides]
10:00 - Coffee break
10:15 - Lothar Meyer, Maximilian Peukert, LFV: Safety and Risk assessment, [Slides]
10:45 - Wen-Chin Li, Cranfield University: ATCO’s Perceived Workload and Monitoring Performance at the Traditional and Digital Tower Operations, [Slides]
11:15 - Giovanni Pignoni, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Pupillometry and Eye Tracking for Cognitive workload measurement, [Slides], [Paper]
11:45 - Discussions, take-home messages
12:30 - Closing notes
13:00 - Lunch at Renströmmen (Sponsored by LiU)

For location of workshop venue and restaurants, see Travel Information.

Travel Information

The workshop will take place at the beautiful Campus Norrköping of Linköping University in Sweden. Please use this link to get information on possible travel options to Norrköping.

Things to explore: Experience Norrköping

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Indoor map for meeting room TPM55 (also called TP5035):